Our award-winning children’s medical show Operation Ouch! is back for its fourth series on CBBC.  Presented by identical twin doctors Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken, the new series shows how incredible and amazing the human body is. With big stunts and exciting experiments, the doctors will explore the extraordinary ways our bodies work, and how medicine can fix us when things go wrong.

Opening the doors to Britain’s accident & emergency departments, we meet more young patients, finding out how they got their injuries and what it takes for doctors to make them well again. Chris and Xand will be back on the road with the emergency services seeing for themselves the vital work done by paramedics. The ‘Ouch Mobile’ is back in action  in ‘Ouch & About’ for children to drop in and get their own medical mysteries answered. And in a new mind-bending strand, the medical twins test out psychological tricks on an unsuspecting public.

The new series begins on Monday 18th January at 5pm on CBBC.

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