The world loves dinosaurs – the very word conjures up fascination and intrigue among millions. Yet few people realise that over 100 different species once roamed what is now Britain.
From giant sauropods the length of two double decker buses, to raptors made famous in Jurassic Park and even Britain’s own tyrannosaur, Britain boasts one of the best dinosaur records anywhere in the world.

Now, this two-part primetime family series will bring dinosaurs to life through spectacular CGI as they roam modern day Britain. Dinosaur Britain will reveal how they hunted, what they ate and how they died through the evidence revealed from their bones. The series will appeal to everyone who has been captivated by the story of dinosaurs but never knew they were so close to home.
Filming begins in May 2015 and locations include the Natural History Museum, Stonehenge, the Jurassic coast and Loch Ness.