Elephant Hospital

Animal care on a jumbo scale at the world’s largest Elephant Hospital. Dr. Paul O’Donoghue joins expert vets in Thailand to see how they care for the Asian Elephants; from tiny babies to grandparents. These elephant families all need human help to survive, this is a place where miracles happen.


Episode 1:

Dr. Paul O’Donoghue is in Thailand joining elephant experts at the world’s largest elephant hospital caring for some extraordinary Elephants. New patient Minnie, a two-year-old baby, arrives with a suspected deadly virus; she’s running a fever and needs jumbo sized doses of medication and lots of TLC. A huge bull elephant gets state of the art care for kidney disease and a young stud who’s been fighting for mating rights and has a cut to the leg which needs specialist care from the vets.


Sitting in eight hundred acres of lush forest – The Elephant Hospital is home to some permanent patients who have long term health issues.

They’re all looked after by a team of vets and elephant keepers, called Mahouts, who care for them one on one – 24 hours a day.


Elephants are notoriously hard to treat so they’re checked more regularly than us humans.

Three times a year the hospital perform detailed health checks to monitor every elephant.


The hospital has an A&E department that is on call 24/7 we see how elephants arrive in the middle of the night need urgent care.